As a Fiverr seller, your gig title is one of the most important elements of your gig. It’s the first thing potential buyers see when they’re browsing the platform, and it’s what they’ll use to decide whether or not to click on your gig and learn more.

A well-crafted gig title can make the difference between a gig that gets lost in the sea of other gigs and one that attracts a steady stream of clients. In this article, we’ll share some Fiverr gig title examples that can help you increase your visibility and attract more clients.

Fiverr Gig Titles For WordPress:

  1. “I will design and develop a custom WordPress website for your business”
  2. “I will install and configure WordPress plugins to enhance your website’s functionality”
  3. “I will customize your WordPress theme to match your brand identity”
  4. “I will optimize your WordPress site for improved speed and performance”
  5. “I will provide WordPress maintenance and security services to keep your site running smoothly”

Fiverr Gig Titles For SEO:

“I will optimize your website for higher search engine rankings”
“I will conduct a comprehensive SEO audit and provide actionable recommendations”
“I will perform keyword research and implement targeted optimization strategies”
“I will build high-quality backlinks to improve your website’s authority”
“I will monitor and analyze your website’s performance using SEO tools”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Digital Marketing:

“I will create a tailored digital marketing strategy for your business”
“I will optimize your website for improved search engine rankings”
“I will manage your social media accounts and engage with your audience”
“I will run targeted online advertising campaigns to boost your brand”
“I will provide detailed analytics and reports to track your digital marketing performance”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Blog Post Writing:

“I will write informative and engaging blog posts for your website”
“I will research and produce SEO-optimized articles to drive organic traffic”
“I will tailor content to your target audience and industry niche”
“I will create compelling headlines and captivating introductions”
“I will deliver high-quality, well-researched blog posts that meet your specifications”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Virtual Assistant:

“I will be your reliable virtual assistant for administrative tasks”
“I will handle your email management and calendar scheduling”
“I will provide data entry and organization services”
“I will assist with customer support and manage inquiries”
“I will offer efficient and professional virtual assistance for your business needs”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Administration:

“I will provide efficient administrative support for your business”
“I will organize and streamline your administrative tasks”
“I will handle your email and calendar management with precision”
“I will assist you in data organization and file management”
“I will create professional PowerPoint presentations for your meetings”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Copywriting:

“I will craft compelling and persuasive copy for your business”
“I will write engaging blog posts that drive traffic to your website”
“I will create captivating product descriptions that boost sales”
“I will deliver SEO-optimized web content to enhance your online presence”
“I will write attention-grabbing social media posts to attract your target audience”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Data Entry:

“I will accurately input and organize your data”
“I will efficiently convert data into organized spreadsheets”
“I will perform data cleansing and quality checks”
“I will assist in data migration and database management”
“I will handle your data entry tasks with precision and confidentiality”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Illustration:

“I will create stunning illustrations for your book covers”
“I will design eye-catching graphics for your social media posts”
“I will bring your ideas to life with custom digital illustrations”
“I will create unique character illustrations for your brand”
“I will provide professional vector illustrations for your website or blog”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Keyword Research:

“I will conduct in-depth keyword research for your SEO strategy”
“I will identify high-volume and low-competition keywords for your content”
“I will analyze your competitors’ keywords and suggest improvements”
“I will optimize your website’s meta tags and descriptions for targeted keywords”
“I will provide a comprehensive keyword report to enhance your online visibility”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Logo Design:

“I will design a memorable and impactful logo for your business”
“I will create a professional brand identity through a custom logo design”
“I will provide multiple logo variations and color schemes to choose from”
“I will deliver high-resolution logo files for both print and digital use”
“I will ensure your logo represents your brand values and resonates with your audience”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Mixing & Mastering:

“I will professionally mix and master your music tracks”
“I will enhance the audio quality and balance of your recordings”
“I will apply industry-standard techniques to achieve a polished sound”
“I will optimize the dynamic range and clarity of your audio files”
“I will deliver studio-quality mixing and mastering for your songs or podcasts”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Online Tutoring:

“I will provide personalized online tutoring sessions for academic subjects”
“I will offer expert guidance and support in your chosen field of study”
“I will help you prepare for exams and improve your study skills”
“I will deliver interactive and engaging lessons tailored to your learning style”
“I will assist you in mastering challenging concepts and reaching your educational goals”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Photoshop:

“I will expertly retouch and enhance your photos using Photoshop”
“I will remove backgrounds and create transparent images”
“I will manipulate images and create stunning visual effects”
“I will restore and repair old or damaged photographs”
“I will create custom graphics and designs using Photoshop”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Podcast Editing:

“I will professionally edit your podcast episodes for a polished sound”
“I will enhance the audio quality and remove background noise”
“I will add intro/outro music, sound effects, and transitions”
“I will optimize the volume levels and ensure a consistent audio experience”
“I will deliver fully edited and ready-to-publish podcast episodes”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Proofreading:

“I will meticulously proofread and edit your written content”
“I will ensure grammatical accuracy and correct spelling errors”
“I will improve the clarity and coherence of your text”
“I will provide constructive feedback to enhance the overall quality of your writing”
“I will deliver error-free and polished documents”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Video Editing:

“I will professionally edit and enhance your video footage”
“I will add captivating transitions, effects, and text overlays”
“I will optimize the color grading and visual aesthetics of your videos”
“I will remove unwanted elements and ensure seamless video flow”
“I will deliver high-quality, engaging videos for your personal or business needs”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Virtual Assistants:

“I will be your dedicated virtual assistant, managing your administrative tasks”
“I will handle your email correspondence and calendar management”
“I will provide customer support and respond to inquiries”
“I will assist in data entry, organization, and file management”
“I will ensure efficient and reliable virtual assistance for your business”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Voiceovers:

“I will deliver professional voiceovers for your commercials or videos”
“I will provide voice acting for characters in animations or games”
“I will record engaging narration for your audiobooks or podcasts”
“I will add a captivating voiceover to your explainer videos or tutorials”
“I will offer versatile vocal styles to suit your project’s needs”

Fiverr Gig Titles For Web Design:

“I will create a stunning and user-friendly website for your business”
“I will design responsive web pages optimized for all devices”
“I will customize your website with attractive visuals and engaging layouts”
“I will integrate essential features and functionality to enhance user experience”
“I will ensure your website reflects your brand identity and goals”

Keep it Short and Sweet

When it comes to gig titles, brevity is key. A short and sweet gig title is easier to read and more memorable than a long and convoluted one. Ideally, your gig title should be no longer than 80 characters (including spaces). This ensures that your title won’t get truncated in search results or on mobile devices. Here are some examples of short and effective gig titles:

  • “Professional Logo Design”
  • “Voiceover for Explainer Videos”
  • “Transcription Services”
  • “Social Media Marketing”
  • “Whiteboard Animation Video”

Be Specific and Descriptive

Being specific and descriptive in your gig title helps potential clients understand exactly what you’re offering. It also helps your gig stand out from the competition. Use your gig title to communicate exactly what you do, and who your services are for. Here are some examples of specific and descriptive gig titles:

  • “I will edit your podcast for quality and clarity”
  • “I will write SEO-optimized blog posts for your website”
  • “I will create a customized workout plan based on your fitness goals”
  • “I will design a unique and modern business card for your brand”

Highlight Your Unique Selling Proposition

Your unique selling proposition (USP) is what sets you apart from other sellers on Fiverr. Use your gig title to highlight what makes you unique and different. This will help potential clients understand why they should choose your services over someone else’s. Here are some examples of gig titles that highlight a USP:

  • “I will create a stunning and personalized wedding invitation that reflects your love story”
  • “I will translate your documents accurately and efficiently, with a fast turnaround time”
  • “I will provide you with expert financial advice to help you reach your goals”
  • “I will offer unlimited revisions until you’re 100% satisfied with my work”

Use Numbers and Power Words

Numbers and power words are attention-grabbing and help your gig title stand out. Use numbers to communicate specific quantities or timeframes, and power words to communicate a sense of urgency or excitement. Here are some examples of gig titles that use numbers and power words:

  • “I will write 10 high-quality product descriptions that will increase your sales”
  • “I will deliver your order in just 24 hours, guaranteed”
  • “I will create a social media strategy that will skyrocket your engagement and followers”
  • “I will design a logo that will make your brand stand out from the competition”

Incorporate Relevant Keywords

Incorporating relevant keywords into your gig title can help improve your SEO and make it easier for potential clients to find you. Use keywords that accurately describe what you do, and that potential clients might search for. Here are some examples of gig titles that incorporate relevant keywords:

  • “I will write SEO-optimized content for your website and blog”
  • “I will provide you with expert Google AdWords management and optimization”
  • “I will create a custom Shopify store that’s optimized for conversions”
  • “I will offer professional WordPress website design and development”

Keep it Professional

Your gig title should reflect your professionalism and expertise. Avoid using slang or casual language, and make sure your title is free of spelling and grammar errors. Here are some examples of professional gig titles:

  • “I will provide legal transcription services with accuracy and attention to detail”
  • “I will edit your video with professional-level software and techniques”
  • “I will write a high-quality academic research paper on your topic of choice”
  • “I will create a professional and engaging PowerPoint presentation for your business”

Be Creative and Catchy

While it’s important to maintain a professional tone, don’t be afraid to be creative and catchy in your gig title. A unique and memorable title can help you stand out from the competition and attract more clients. Here are some examples of creative and catchy gig titles:

  • “I will write you a love letter that will make your heart skip a beat”
  • “I will draw a stunning portrait of your beloved pet”
  • “I will create a custom jingle for your brand that will get stuck in your customers’ heads”
  • “I will provide you with tarot readings that will reveal your deepest desires and fears”

Test and Tweak Your Gig Titles

Once you have created your Fiverr gig title, it’s important to test and optimize it for the best results. Keep an eye on your gig’s impressions, clicks, and views. If you notice that your gig isn’t getting as much attention as you’d like, try tweaking the title to see if it makes a difference.

Experiment with different variations of your title, and see which one performs the best. This will help you find the most effective gig title for your service and increase your chances of attracting more buyers.

Bottom Line:

Crafting the perfect Fiverr gig title is an important step towards attracting more buyers and growing your business. Use these tips and tricks to create a title that is clear, concise, and catchy. Remember to focus on the benefits of your service, use relevant keywords, and test and optimize your title for the best results.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to creating a winning Fiverr gig title that will help you stand out from the crowd and attract more business.


Can I change my Fiverr gig title after I publish it?

Yes, you can edit your gig title at any time by going to your gig’s settings and clicking on “Edit Gig.” However, keep in mind that changing your gig title too frequently can negatively affect your gig’s ranking.

Can I use all caps in my Fiverr gig title?

Yes, you can use all caps in your gig title, but use them sparingly. All caps can be difficult to read and may come across as unprofessional.

Can I include my name or username in my Fiverr gig title?

It’s generally not recommended to include your name or username in your gig title, as it’s not relevant to the service you’re offering. However, you can include your name or username in your gig description or profile.

How many characters can I use in my Fiverr gig title?

Fiverr allows up to 80 characters in your gig title, so make sure to use them wisely and effectively.

Should I include pricing information in my Fiverr gig title?

No, it’s not necessary to include pricing information in your gig title. Your pricing should be clearly stated in your gig description, and including it in your title may come across as pushy or unprofessional.

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