When a plugin or theme’s installation fails, it leaves behind an empty destination folder. The same happens when an old plugin or theme’s folder isn’t removed properly due to an interruption. This rogue folder stops WordPress from completing the installation.

If your hosting provider uses cPanel, you can access your WordPress files through its File Manager. The process is similar to that of hPanel’s File Manager.

Here’s how to solve the “Destination Folder Already Exists” error using cPanel’s File Manager:

1. Navigate to File Manager located in the Files section of your cPanel dashboard.

The File Manager in the files section of the cPanel dashboard

2. Access the wp-content folder within your root directory (public_html).

wp content in the File Manager of the cPanel dashboard

3. Open either the themes or plugins folder and find the folder that’s causing the issue.

Themes and plugins in the File Manager on the cPanel dashboard

4. Right-click on the folder named after the plugin or theme you want to install and click Delete.

The delete option for the folder in cPanel

5. Attempt reinstallation to check whether the error has been resolved.

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